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About Us

We, <Hamasho>Group, wish to provide real satisfaction and happiness to our customers around the world as a supporter of all industry sector in order to help people have fulfilling, safely and comfortably of life.

We consider that our corporate value consists of providing and contributing valuable products, information, and excellent service.
We value sound and fair corporate ethics, and endeavor to act positively and speedily with abundant creativity and our desire to take on challenges. Furthermore, we are committed to compete for global business so that we can support the diversified needs of our customers, based on our belief that this is role for us.

We, <Hamasho>Group, will progress by developing and utilizing our human resources with sincerity and passion, striving for the prosperity of the company, and the happiness of our employees, without excessively seeking expansion of the business scale and profits, combined with anticipating the prosperity of all the relevant parties, including, of course, our clients.

Hamaguchi Takayuki CEO of Hamasho Corporation Gruop

“We aim to be a fun, attractive and strong company”

Hamasho Corporation(Thailand)Ltd.
was established on March-2015 as a company of Hamasho Corporation in Thailand by transferred parts of businessfrom A-FOSS(THAILAND)LTD.

A-FOSS (THAILAND)LTD. has supported Japanese customer in Thailand for FA system, Robot, Machine and Facility, Component parts which are imported from Japan since1996.
And we support stable manufacturing for customer by Japanese staffs and National staffs who were trained in Japan.

Hamasho Group is not only in Thailand. There are in Japan, China and Hong Kong.
We can also treat product from Japan and China. We support all of customer withglobal policy of Hamasho Group..

Kazuya Hashiba Managing Director of Hamasho Corporation (Thailand) Ltd.